High Rail Solutions

DymaxRail designs innovative hi-rail equipment for railroads, mass transits and contractors working in rail maintenance and railway track construction. Our high rail products for construction equipment are available to fit backhoe loaders, track or wheeled excavators and other specialized equipment and machinery. Check out the Rail Rider or Rail Rider MPX which is adaptable to any machine for the fastest access to remote worksites. Adapt in a day and ride. Check out the latest JCB Hydradig 110 Rail Excavator fitted with DymaxRail spring suspension railgear systems and the latest in performance technology when working on rail.

DymaxRail also offers an elite line of equipment-movers featuring remote control technology. The LR series is the classic low-railer machine that has helped transits and railway contractors for nearly 30 years. They’re built well and they don’t wear out. The SC supercarrier low bed equipment mover is suited for moving cranes and larger equipment on rail but also can be towed on federal highways. The SC quickly loads to and from the tracks in 7 minutes. The TRX base work platform is available for customers who want to dream big and create their own unique solution for working in railway and track maintenance applications.

DymaxRail also specializes in rail carts and trailers with integrated rail gear systems. Available for track maintenance, industrial applications or road-rail mobility.