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Rail Transfer Carts

Up to 60 Ton Capacity


Standard Designs

Dymax Rail Carts, often called rail transfer carts, rail push carts or rail material carts, are ideal for manufacturing facilities and railway networks. Designed for low speed applications, Dymax Rail Carts are not intended for use in high speed applications. These rail transfer carts are used for moving large loads of equipment or specialized machinery on rail at slow speeds. Models are available for capacities up to 60 tons. All models are provided with a standard mechanical parking brake, sealed bearings, and heavy duty wheels and axles.

Custom Designed to Suit Your Requirements

If you need a rail transfer cart made with special dimensions, or for a particular application or use, Dymax Rail can custom design an industrial rail cart for you. Give us a call today.

Designed and Built for You

We've been building work tools for construction equipment since 1929. We know how to make tools work on the rails.

Model & Specs
Model Description Weight Total (lbs) Weight Total (kg)
DX-RC-4x8x6T-RR Rail Transfer Cart - 6T Capacity 2,200


Overall Length 90in / 2.28m    
Width 46in / 1.16m    
Height Off Rail 16.50in / 420mm    
GVWR 13,200 lb / 6 t capacity    
Wheel Diameter 16in / 410mm    
Brake Type Mechanical Park - screw adjuster    
Hitch Type Pin style on both cart ends    
Deck Type Open, I beam design    
Options Pipe saddles with padding    
DX-RC-6x12x30T-RR Rail Transfer Cart - 30T Capacity 5,970 2,708
Overall Length 144in / 3.6m    
Width 72in / 1.82m    
Height Off Rail 23.91in / 608mm    
GVWR 66,000 lb / 30 t capacity    
Wheel Diameter 16in / 410mm    
Brake Type Mechanical Park - screw adjuster    
Hitch Type Pin style on both cart ends    
Deck Type Steel decking with in board lifting points and tie down locations    
DX-RC-7x16x60T-RR Rail Transfer Cart - 60T Capacity 11,000 4,990
Overall Length 192in / 4.87m    
Width 88.75in / 2.26m    
Height Off Rail 23.00in / 585mm    
GVWR 132,000 lbs / 60 ton capacity    
Wheel Diameter 16in / 410mm    
Brake Type Mechanical Park - screw adjuster    
Hitch Type Pin style on both cart ends    
Deck Type Steel decking with in board lifting points and tie down locations    
  Custom Rail Transfer Carts Made For You!    
  Contact Dymax Rail directly for specialized rail carts, push carts and material carts made to your specifications.    


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Rail CartRail Cart30-60 Ton Capacity Rail Cart30-60 Ton Capacity Cart - SideRail CartRail CartRail CartRail CartRail CartRail CartRail CartRail Cart



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Dymax Rail Sales

Scott Balderson

Scott Balderson | President


Arrived at Dymax in 1997 along with his father Clark. Grew up in and around the Balderson Inc. offices and plant in Wamego, Kansas. Scott brings to Dymax international business experience, as well as valuable lessons learned from his father and grandfather about customer service, straight forward business dealings and attention to details.

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Clark Balderson

Clark Balderson | Chairman / CFO


Joined Balderson Inc. in 1970 after spending his childhood surrounded by the ever present family business. He became president of the company in 1982, a position he held until his resignation January 1, 1996. During that time Balderson Inc. grew to be one of the largest suppliers of specialty attachments in the world. He purchased controlling interest in Dymax in March, 1997, where he can be found most days doing everything from answering sales calls to planning future growth.

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Beau Huscher | Regional Sales Manager


Industries - Mining, General Line, Ag, Land Clearing, Railroad

States - KS, NE, CO, OK, TX, AR, MO, IA, MN, SD, ND

Beau joined Dymax in October 2016 covering the central region of the US Market.

He spent many years as an Athletic director as well as a high school football coach until the late 2000's when he decided to switch careers and move into sales. Beau's energy and positive attitude towards business development is top notch. Beau covers Dymax's dealers and national account customers.

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Robert DeVader

Robert DeVader | Inside Sales Representative


Robert joined Dymax in 2002 as a drafter in the engineering department. After more than a decade in engineering, he moved to the Dymax sales team in September 2013. A seasoned Dymax employee and an entrepreneur himself, Robert specializes in getting customers product information, quotes, and placing orders.

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Ivaylo Dinev

Ivaylo Dinev | Sales Manager - Eastern Europe


Ivaylo Dinev joined the Dymax team in 2015. Ivaylo has extensive experience in the European rail market, and serves as the official Dymax Rail sales manager for countries in Eastern Europe.

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Carl Williams

Carl Williams | Sales Administrator / Controller


Carl joined Dymax in 2003 as a Welder and over the years has developed vast knowledge of the specialized attachment business. He can build the products and help our customers design products to fit specific application requirements. Growing up on a farm Carl understands hard work, dedication and attention to detail.

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Product Support

John Boose

John Boose | Product Manager


John joined Dymax in 2016. A Kansas native, John grew up working on the family farm near Lecompton, KS. He became a certified Diesel Mechanic in 1998. He spent time as a welder before joining Sauer-Danfoss in Lawrence, KS. At Danfoss John learned all about hydraulic motors, pumps and troubleshooting complex hydraulic systems. He eventually became one of the leading Engineering Technicians for Danfoss. John most recently worked on robotic automation systems and served as maintenance coordinator for Big Heart Pet Brands in Topeka, Kansas.Troubleshooting is his middle name!

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John Parry

John Parry | Product Support / Quality & Process


John Parry joined the Dymax team in late 2001. John has a lengthy background in manufacturing that dates back to 1978 when he joined Balderson Inc. With experience in welding, fabricating and manufacturing scheduling, John understands the importance of high quality and customer satisfaction. John heads up the Product Support department and has a knack for making sure things get done right.

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