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More Than a Century of Commitment

What's in a name? Sometimes not much. Often everything. Dymax was born amidst the values and beliefs of the Balderson family. It's a name that has long stood for: Quality. Integrity. Service.

We’ve been working with iron and steel for more than 135 years. In the early days it was as simple as repairing wagons, shodding horses, and performing simple blacksmithing tasks in and around the small community of Wamego, Kansas. As times evolved so did machines and so did we. But one thing remained the same - our family tradition of providing the highest quality, best engineered solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We stand behind what we build and we figure out how to build it better. You will not be disappointed. The world has changed since Seth Balderson opened his blacksmith shop in 1875. What hasn’t changed is our family creed...

We treat every customer as if he were our only customer!

Neil and John Balderson circa 1910
Neil and John Balderson circa 1910


Seth Balderson worked his trade as a blacksmith and taught his son John what he knew.


John's son Neil Balderson was an unschooled blacksmith. He shod horses, repaired wagons, sharpened plowshares.


Built his first snow plow. It featured his most prized asset. His name. In the 1930s that's all some men had.


Willard Balderson went to college. Studied engineering. Worked with his dad. Marketed. Promoted.


Sold thousands of snow plows.


Developed the Balderson™ Coupler.


Patented the Balderson™ Landfill Bucket. Guaranteed satisfaction. Or your money back!


Clark Balderson dreamed. A global marketplace. New customers. New products.


Bought Fleco.


Started Balderson™ Overseas.


Founded DYMAX.


Launched Balderson™ Canada.


Bought Raine Manufacturing.


Dymax and the Balderson family continue the tradition providing custom solutions for the rail industry.


Quality. Integrity. Service.


More than a Century of Experience Eager for a New Millenium



™ Balderson is a registered trademark of Caterpillar Inc.


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