The DymaxRail MPX hydrostatic hi-rail cart quickly adapts to excavators and specialized machines.  MPX is driven hydrostatically by the machines hydraulic power and requires no machine modifications. Easily adapt the MPX control kit to your machine and in less than a day you’re ready to ride the rails.

Ideal for tracked excavator machines ranging from 8 ton in size up to 30 ton in size. Easily reach remote rail site locations that can only be accessed via rail.  Rail networks and contractors now have the ability to better handle jobs like disaster response as well as a multitude of track maintenance and construction jobs. Do more with DymaxRail’s MPX hydrostatic hi-rail cart.


DymaxRail’s MPX hydrostatic cart is available in 4 standard models.  MPX features hydraulic brakes, platform stabilizers with optional rail clamps, solar powered directional lighting systems including spot lamps and travel alarm.

DrillRig Railrider MPX25-30

Lift, Place, Connect and Go!

The DymaxRail MPX does not require machine modifications.  Lift the MPX from the trailer and place it on the rails in minutes.  With stabilizers down operators can climb aboard, connect the hoses and go to work.  Each model is fitted with a towing hub and can be towed if needed behind larger roadway vehicles.


The MPX is adaptable to a variety of machines such as drill rigs or chipping and shredding machines that use undercarriages.  Quickly adapt to multiple machine types, track gauges or third rail systems. Contact DymaxRail for more information.

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