Rocket Launch Supported by Dymax’s Innovative Rail Cart Chassis

When Amazon launched Project Kuiper, they probably didn’t know they were blasting off from a series of Dymax-built specialized rail carts. 

DymaxRail and Redguard, two excellent Kansas companies, delivered a key solution to help move United Launch Alliance’s Atlas and Vulcan rockets to and from the launch pad. 🚀Check it out!

These specialized carts were made in various sizes to match a steel blast room fabricated by our partners at Red Guard. We built them strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds and extreme heat.

While many customers know Dymax for our railway track maintenance and construction type jobs, we also build many carts for special applications. 

“We’re able to build heavier capacities than most and offer flexibility in custom design to better meet our customers’ needs. In such cases as ULA’s applications at Cape Canaveral, we are able to reduce the height and provide 60 ton capacities,” said Scott Balderson, Dymax CEO. “That’s kind of our sweet spot, from 30 to 100 tons. There’s very few companies that can do that.” 

As a leader in the rail rolling logistics industry, Dymax is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible beyond our atmosphere – and right here at home.


JCB backhoe loaders are suitable for a wide-range of rail industry applications, and with the largest swing cylinders in the industry, producing18,000 lbf-ft of swing torque, JCB backhoes are the ideal machine for replacing railroad ties.

A number of rail-compatible options are available, including a rear rail dolly and flip-over rail runners, enabling productive and safe rail operation and travel.

Depending on the backhoe model, standard equipment may include JCB’s innovative suite of automated features, including AutoCHECK, AutoIDLE, AutoTHROTTLE, AutoDRIVE, AutoSTABILIZERSUP (joystick controls only), AutoSRS, AutoBOOMLOCK (joystick controls only). Optional AutoPREHEAT is also available.

All JCB backhoes loaders come standard with a 2-year/2,000-hour bucket-to-bucket transferable warranty.

  • JCB EcoMAX engines require no DPF, for lower maintenance costs
  • Highest excavator swing torque in the industry, ideal for replacing railroad ties
  • Powerful hydraulic system to run power-hungry attachments
  • On-board diagnostics and fleet management with JCB Automate and LiveLink telematics
  • 2-year/2,000-hour bucket-to-bucket, transferable warranty

Industrial Railroad Services is putting our Railway Cleanup Bucket to work!


“Ballast Management Equipment Update 2019”

Checkout this article on featuring our Ballast Blaster!

For addition ballast maintenance lineup: the Hydraulic Clam Cribbing Bucket for backhoe loaders and excavators visit us at–57739

Dymax Railway Vehicle

Here is one of our latest creations. This railway vehicle will be headed to New York soon for helping to move large excavators in drilling and piling operations for the 3rd track project. It moves 85000lbs sideways 14 inches to provide clearance from adjacent line tracks. It’s always been a partnership of innovation in application between us and our customers.

Oh and we also built our own Railroad on site for training, testing and playing…

DYMAX Ballast Blaster in Missouri (2017) (Video)

DYMAX Ballast Blaster in Missouri (2017) Dymax Ballast Blasters are the only excavator undercutters in the world engineered to work with all makes of standard, stock excavators. The Dymax Ballast Blaster undercutter bar has a LIFETIME WARRANTY and is covered under U.S. PATENT NO. 8,904,676! The patented, auto-adjusting chain dramatically reduces chain wear, increasing safety and reducing downtime. The automatic chain adjustment system delivers the right amount of tension throughout the cutting cycle, and gives you continuous cutting ability. U.S. PATENT NO. 9,487,921! Dymax Ballast Blaster are available with an integrated 360° continuous rotation and tilt, or is available for use with popular tilt-rotator quick couplers. This rotation allows operations to position the machine to work from either side of the track and at sites where tracks run close together.

Blaster chains are bi-directional, and provides operator with added productivity and greater flexibility for undercutting.


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