Dymax Rail Rider™ for Backhoe Loader:

Imagine you are in the middle of nowhere and need to cross a bridge, or perhaps you just need to get to the other side without moving your machine back on the highway. Or you need access to remote worksites and don’t have a truck to move your equipment there. You have a fleet of backhoe loaders and you are tearing up the tires and loader buckets during transport. With the Dymax Rail Rider you could access these remote places, easily, all the time. Without damage to your equipment. The Dymax Rail Rider easily attaches to the majority of backhoe loaders in just 8-12 hours, and eliminates the need for high-cost rail adaptation systems. No machine modifications required! Dymax Rail Riders allow railroads and contractors to equip existing fleets, and for you to lease, rent or purchase machines that are ready to ride the rails. Dymax Rail Riders reduce tire wear because the rear tires stay positioned on the rail when the 4-wheel dolly is attached. No more accidental damage to tires. Eliminate bucket wear in loader bucket moldboards that is caused by sliding on the rail. By keeping buckets off the rail tracks, Dymax Rail Riders help your machines last longer and perform better.

Work from the Rails:

Easily crib or change ties from the Rail Rider using a DymaxRail Hydraulic Clam Cribbing Bucket.  Fast production guaranteed and it’ll save you money!

Go Ahead…Get There:

Dymax Rail Rider for backhoe loaders gives you the ultimate flexibility. Get on and off track in under a minute, and access remote locations by the most direct route. After all, the quickest way from A to B is a straight line

Work from the Rails:

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